10 Things to know about Danish Men

For any girl seeking guy and especially interested in dating Danish men, here are the top ten things you must know about the average Danish man—
Danish men are quite the gentlemen and shy. The shyness is only at the beginning but things become easier when you two get to know each other. They are usually calm, cool and collected.

The Danish men need their alcohol. You will find this written in any of the profiles of men in any dating dansk sites. They usually like beer better as it helps them relax and helps them open up to a newcomer like you.

You may find that the Danish man you met might actually be Dutch. Don’t worry it is not rare and it’s a part and parcel of north European culture.
Just like any other men, they may have a hard time starting a conversation. Some are better are getting in touch with feelings, others will just not have an idea on what to talk about.

Be aware of the fact that it is dating dansk culture to have sex after the first date. Many Dansk have sex first and date then onwards. If you are uncomfortable with this tradition then speak openly, Danish men are quite understanding.

They are quite liberalistic and straight forward. Once past their introvert nature they can be quite flirty and romantic.
Danish men like pondering a lot looking for kvinder dating. There may be a moment or two in your conversation when there is silence—it just means that he is thinking about something (you perhaps!) so don’t worry and enjoy the silence.

They are quite fashionable and boy can they dress! For any girl seeking guy in Denmark you are in for some well-dressed men.
Keep the relationship open as much as possible. Danish men can be quite shy and distant in the preliminary stages. So ask questions and prod around to get things started.

Danish men, after several months of a long standing relationship, may ask you to move in with them. This, however, does not mean that you two will get married soon. When a Dansk asks you to move in into his house it means that you have become a very important person in his life and it is a very big step for him. You two may even have children during a long period of live-in.